Petite - Energetic - Tattooed - Enigmatic

Kayla-Jane is a vibrant young woman from New York, currently lighting up cameras in Los Angeles. At 5'5" this petite powerhouse has been winning over this industry from a young age but has really come into her own over the past 5 years appearing in numerous magazines, advertisements and music videos across the country and even over seas.

Kayla has the look and demeanor of the girl next door; she is sweet, happy go lucky but quirky and whimsical. Always professional and punctual you will never worry about her not showing up or not looking like her photos. Her resume and credits speak for themselves.

When she is not in front of the camera you can find her writing, painting, scuba diving, hiking or doing yoga. Usually she can be found on the west side of LA by the beach although she loves to travel and is always available to travel for work.

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